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stone, agate and pewter diorama's


Pendants / Jewelry

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Natural mineral displays


Natural Stone and Mineral displays uncut and presented as they are found. Amethyst, Amazonite, Pyrite, Black Tourmaline, Honeycomb Calcite, Geodes and more.

Mineral rough or tumble and polish


Mixed tumble packs that include many beautifully colored rocks and minerals, agates to petrified wood. 

Serpentine tumbles from the "Wild Turkey Mine" in N.E.  Washington State, available with many varieties of mineral inclusions and color tones.

Cut and Polish display

Natural stone and minerals  we cut and polish for beautiful table top displays.

Natural stone and minerals  we cut and polish for beautiful table top displays. Serpentine, Honeycomb calcite, Aventurine, Septarian nodules and more.

Custom cut and polish on request.


Megalodon shark teeth.

Along with megalodon , Great white shark teeth, we try to have other fossil specimens like Ammonites, clams,  Orthoceras and occasional small animal skeletal fossils in matrix. Dino poop as well ( coprolite )