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 Kent , Wa

about us

When it becomes a passion it's no longer work


 What started as a simple day trip to find quartz crystals turned into an adventure, taking us to many places we would have never seen, amazed by beautiful rocks and minerals  we knew little about and now find ourselves compelled to explore, dig and discover the next amazing specimens just beneath our feet.

Road Trip


If its out there we want to find it.  Another town, another rock and more experiences to bring back and share . 

Sweat equity


 Our kind of weekend relaxation. Some of the best finds are the most difficult to uncover.  Rewarding discoveries that end up on our show tables. 

show and tell


Whats on The table

Natural stone and mineral necklaces 

Cut and polished displays

mineral rough in collectible sizes

Thunder egg halves

Tumbled serpentine

Beautiful natural mineral displays 

crystal points and  necklaces

and sooooo much more



Natural mineral displays of Amethyst , Pyrite, halite, Honeycomb calcite, Serpentine, Thunder eggs, Rose quartz and much more.


Our creations

Stone, mineral and agate scenes. each a unique creation from wildlife to sea life and fantasy as well. A variety of themes and minerals means there is something for everyone to enjoy


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